burgundy nails with golden studs

Matte Burgundy Nail Trend For Fall 2015

Trend Nail Art Tutorial

Today I decided to do something challenging. And guess what – I did it! From now on, I will challenge myself at least once a week. Just because it gave me the best feeling ever – I was proud! And I felt more inspired, searching for the next challenge…

My challenge was to write this tutorial in English. I am not a native speaker; English is my third language, so in case you find any mistakes, please feel free to correct me. :)

Fall is just around the corner and I was looking for a nice nail art design to complete my fall look. If you are curious what I am talking about, click on the link at the end of this tutorial. So as a Pinterest addict I searched a big amount of the internet – and real addicts know exactly what I mean. You can’t just scroll a few pictures there, you will feel the urge to see all of the searching results, which is completely ridiculous ‘cause they are unlimited! After spending few hours there, I decided to do a matte burgundy nail art. If you want to see my inspirations from Pinterest, click here.

Now let’s dive right into my tutorial and begin with applying a nice burgundy nail color. After applying two coats I decided to do some stamping design before applying a matte top coat.

Matte burgundy nail art
This is what you will need
Trend: Burgundy nails
Burgundy nail color
Burgundy nails
Finished look after two coats of nail color
Stamping nail art
Stamping design for my nail art

I chose a pretty dense, checked design, because I wanted my color to appear a bit darker. At that point I felt all fancy-schmancy and did some glitter lines with a shimmery black nail color striper. To be honest, you can totally skip this step or use some nail art holo stripes instead. The holographic surface would be more noticeable.

Nail art for fall
Black nail art striper

For the next step I applied my favorite matte top coat from L’Oreal.

Trend for fall
Matte burgundy nail art

For the finished look I attached some gold studs and used some hand balm for my dry skin.

matte burgundy nail design
matte burgundy nails with golden studs
burgundy nails with golden studs
matte burgundy nail art
nail art for fall
my favorite hand balm

If you want to see my complete fall look, click here.

I hope you enjoyed reading!

See you soon!


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