waterproof makeup for humid climate

Waterproof makeup tips for tropical and humid climate

Some of you may already know that I am visiting my family in Mauritius. So it’s been a while since my last blog post. I had a really hard time to find an interesting topic to write about. Then one day it hit me. Every day I am dealing here with hot and humid weather and still I love to put on my makeup and make it last all day long. So I decided to share with you guys my tips and tricks for a waterproof makeup look even for a humid climate.

First things first: How to cleanse and prep your skin

I noticed that my skin routines from Germany (moderate climate) cause more breakouts when I am in Mauritius. So it is very important to know your skin needs and adjusting them to the climate surrounding you. I have a dry and sensitive skin. Usually (in Germany) I cleanse my skin every evening and put some moisturizing cream on. As soon as I wake up, I just refresh my skin with some water and put some day cream on. This routine doesn’t work for tropical and humid weather!

For tropical and humid weather it is very important to use oil free products – or just using fewer products! That’s exactly what I do – I don’t use anything for the night. Because I am getting hot and sweaty though out the night so my skin gets moisturized naturally. It is more important to cleanse your skin in the evening (for the night) in order to get rid of oil buildup and to minimize the chances for breakouts. For cleansing I am using liquid soap – yes, sometimes life is that easy! 😉 To get rid of waterproof mascara you have to use oil makeup remover, but after that I am always washing the oils away with liquid soap. And finally once a week I like to use a peeling solution for my face.

Tropical weather makeup

Step 1:

Use powder foundations! That was originally my advice but unfortunately I love my liquid foundations so much I won’t let them go even for humid weather. So this is what I do instead: I use BB or CC Cream foundations. They prep your skin with all that jazz like SPF, moisturizer, anti aging & a bunch of vitamins in one go. So by using fewer products does not mean you are missing skin care.
With a tissue I blot off all the excess oils and fix my foundation with a lot of powder. By “a lot” I mean “a looooot”! :)

Step 2:

Powder is the Holy Grail when it comes to fixing your makeup for humid weather. So I use two light coats. After blotting off the excess oils, as described above, I put on a first coat of powder. You can stop here and move on with your eye makeup. But for me two coats are essential. When applying powder to your face don’t forget to cover your eyelids too. This will help to make your eye makeup stay all day.

Step 3:

Use waterproof products. At least waterproof mascara. For me I like wearing eyeliner so waterproof eyeliner is essential too. If you like to do your eyebrows, there are also waterproof or powder products available. That’s it!

Here are my favorite products:

Waterproof makeup tips for tropical and humid climate
Waterproof makeup tips for tropical and humid climate

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